Collect to build your digital identity!

BitBadges is the all-in-one, multi-chain platform for creating, collecting, and authenticating with digital NFT badges. Build multi-chain, token-gated applications (both digital and in-person) all seamlessly with one interface. This is a beta version of BitBadges which is completely free for users.

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How to collect badges?
The collection creator decides what criteria needs to be satisfied to earn a badge. Typically, badges must be earned by completing some sort of task, such as attending an event, completing a course, or contributing to a project. BitBadges connects to over 6000+ apps and services, allowing badges to be distributed for a wide range of activities.

What can I do with badges?
Badges have many uses (again, depending on the collection). Your portfolio can be used to prove your identity, skills, and achievements. They can be used for authentication, access control, and more (e.g. to access a website, event, or service, you must own a specific badge).

How to verify ownership?
All badges are public, meaning you can verify the authenticity and ownership of anyone's badges at any time, both digitally and in-person. This is possible because BitBadges uses a public, decentralized blockchain to store badges, meaning no one can censor, forge, or fake ownership of badges.

Certain badges might offer utility, like access to an event or authenticating you for a website. For example, a ticket badge might get you into a concert.

Show off your achievement badges in your portfolio, like a degree or certification. Badges can be used to prove your skills and experience.

Your badges become your digital identity. Some might positively impact your reputation while others might negatively impact your reputation.

Contributions to a project can be rewarded with a badge, like a badge for contributing to an open-source project.
For Fun

Some badges might be just collected for fun, like a souvenir badge.

Use badges to implement protocols, such as the BitBadges Follow Protocol, or an attendance protocol.

Learn more about all offered features here.


One interface for all chains. The same badge can be owned by Ethereum , Solana , Bitcoin , and Cosmos users. Prior to BitBadges, building multi-chain applications (especially if token-gated) was a nightmare due to needing to support each chain's preferred tooling and infrastructure. Now, it is all in one place!

Sign In with BitBadges

Using our suite of authentication tools, you can authenticate users from any supported chain all in one place and all with the same badge. Badge-gate your websites and more with the Sign In with BitBadges button, or access our API to build your own authentication flow. This also includes support for verifiable secrets and authentication codes.

Authentication Codes

In addition to digital authentication, you can also authenticate users in-person via authentication QR codes. Users pre-sign a message that proves they own a badge and present this QR code to the provider in-person. Click here for a QR code demo.

Verifiable Secrets

Secrets are off-chain message signatures that can be used to prove private information to verifiers, such as credentials or attestations. For example, prove your college GPA to an employer. BitBadges supports other neat features for secrets such as zero-knowledge selective disclosure, anchoring their existence on-chain, and integrating with the Sign In with BitBadges flow. Learn more here or try it out here.

Token Standard

The BitBadges token (badge) standard is state-of-the-art compared to existing token standards (ERC20, ERC721, etc) and does not require smart contracts. The standard is ever-evolving and natively supports never-before-seen features like time-dependent ownership, fine-grained transferability requirements, and hybrid off-chain balances. Learn more here.


BitBadges is built to be a seamless experience for you and your users. Out of the box, BitBadges supports integrations with many tools and platforms such as Google, Github, and email (see here for the full directory). Custom integrations are also possible, whether it be integrating your application into BitBadges or integrating BitBadges into your application. BitBadges also has a Zapier integration, allowing you to connect BitBadges to thousands of other apps.
Badge-gate anything with Blockin: a universal, multi-chain Web3 sign-in standard with native badge verification support.
Decentralized University
The Decentralized University aims to decentralize the future of learning, powered by BitBadges. Currently under development.
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