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This is a beta version of BitBadges which is completely subsidized for users. Badges and profiles can be migrated to mainnet once launched. $BADGE will be redistributed via an airdrop based on betanet contributions.

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What is BitBadges?
BitBadges is the all-in-one platform for creating, collecting, managing, and displaying digital badges.

Think of badges as digital tokens that you can collect and own. Chances are, you already own several digital badges, like a social media verification checkmark or concert tickets.

Badges can be used for all sorts of things, giving you various benefits and value. Some might be handy in the real world, like a ticket badge getting you into a concert, while others can be purely digital. Some may signify something about your reputation, like a community service badge. Or, some may be just for fun, like a souvenir badge. It all depends on the badge!

How to collect badges?
Badges can be collected in a variety of ways, such as scanning a QR code, entering a password, or being airdropped one. The collection creator decides how badges are distributed. To see how a specific collection distributes badges, check out the page for that collection.

How is ownership verified?
All badges are public, meaning you can view anyone's portfolio and verify the authenticity and ownership of their badges at any time. This is possible because BitBadges uses a public, decentralized blockchain to store badges, meaning no one can censor, forge, or fake ownership of badges.

Learn more about all offered features here.


The same badge can be owned by users from different blockchain ecosystems. We currently support Ethereum , Solana , and Cosmos users, with more to come.


BitBadges utilizes a scalable architecture that can eventually support millions of users and badges.

Hybrid Off-Chain Balances

BitBadges supports multiple storage methods for balances, including storing balances off-chain for enhanced user experience and scalability. Learn more about this here.

No-Storage Authentication

By authenticating users from any supported chain via badges and signatures, you can outsource all your authentication needs to BitBadges, allowing you to focus on your core product.

Time-Dependent Ownership

Natively, BitBadges does its accounting in a way that supports time-dependent ownership for balances (e.g. Bob owns x1 from January to March).

Customizable Transferability

Instead of badges being simply transferable or non-transferable, BitBadges supports a wide range of transferability options that can be clearly displayed to users.

Smart Contracts Not Needed

BitBadges reuses the same interface for badges as opposed to individual smart contracts. This results in increased transparency, scalability, maintainability, consistency, and security.

Incoming / Outgoing Approvals

Approve users to transfer on your behalf (outgoing) or restrict who can transfer to you (incoming).


Leave reviews on users and collections to help others identify trustworthy users and collections.

Batch Transfers

Batch transfers can be done in a single, efficient transaction (e.g. transfer x1 of badge IDs 1-60000).

Time-Based Details

Certain collection details (such as metadata) are timeline-based, meaning they can be scheduled to have different values at different times.


Send announcements to all owners in a collection, enabling you to easily communicate with your badge holders.
Badge-gate websites and more with Blockin: a universal, multi-chain Web3 sign-in standard.
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